Product features

Available in magnesium or stainless steel
Magnesium MagBlade™ propellers are nine times lighter than stainless steel and three times lighter than aluminium. Stainless steel MagBlade™ propellers are available but without the protective safety sleeves.
Combined designs
All MagBlade™ marine propellers combine both the legacy blade design and the cleaver blade design. This eliminates drag on the back of the blade, and increases displacement on the front of the blade.
Patented Intake Gullets
Both magnesium and stainless steel MagBlade™ marine propellers have a unique patented intake gullet and Vortex Hub System that harness the previously wasted hydrodynamic energy through a means of secondary propulsion, providing more power, for less fuel.
Stronger Blade Surface
Designed using a specialised aerodynamic material and space-age coating technology, the magnesium MagBlade™ propellers provide a blade surface which is seven times stronger than stainless steel, seven times more rigid than the most hardened steel, and four times more impact absorbent and corrosion resistant than an aluminium propeller.
Safety Sleeve Protection
Our magnesium MagBlade™ propellers’ safety sleeves protect the leading edge of each blade from chipping, deforming or breaking off, reducing injury to humans and aquatic life.


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Overcoming limitations

MagBlade™ takes propulsion design to the next level with its patented unique features which improve fuel efficiency and performance through hydrodynamic design, while delivering unparalleled safety, making MagBlade™ the world’s most advanced marine propeller.Our MagBlade™ marine propellers are available in magnesium and stainless steel. OEM replacement propeller for Honda Marine, Mercury Marine, Suzuki Marine, Tohatsu Outboards and Yamaha Outboards, Evinrude Outboard.

Technical overview

This video is a demonstration of all the ground breaking features of the MagBlade™ propeller which outlines what makes our propeller so unique from the legacy propellers commonly available in the market today.

Key features

Safer than traditional propellers

Interchangeable hub kit

Improved drag reduction

Improved efficiency of potential energy

Improved fuel efficiency

Reduced slip

No cavitation or ventilation

Superior hole-shot

Completely insulated from electric interference

About us

MagBlade™ has recently been acquired by MagBlade Limited based in Hong Kong. MagBlade Limited is making a sizeable investment in getting MagBlade™ into worldwide production and initiating a global marketing strategy.

Overall design enhancements have been made producing an even more superior product than the original MagBlade™.

The MagBlade™ range of propellers are designed with the principle mission of overcoming the limitations of existing legacy propellers and thereby setting new standards for the marine industry surpassing the thinking behind conventional propellers, to complete your boating experience.